Family Constellation Work

Bert Hellinger, originator of Family Constellation Work

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Systemic Family Constellation work is a therapeutic tool created by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It’s a therapy of the soul, whose purpose is to free the individual from the root of illnesses, traumas, fears, problematic relationships, and limitations that have roots in the past.

My goal is to share this therapeutic tool to help you heal, and integrate healing into your life, just as I have done. After doing decades of personal growth, Family Constellations work finally brought me to peace. As a result, I began my own theoretical and practical Systemic Family Constellation studies in 2007 in the United States, and I concluded my studies back home in 2013 in Chile where I received my certification.

With dual citizenship in the U.S. and Chile, I enjoy working via video chat with clients north and south, as well as around the world. I recently returned to the U.S. to stay close to my children as they transition from high school in Chile to college in the U.S., and so I’m now available in New Mexico as well as Washington State for in-person sessions by request.

I also enjoy assisting licensed mental health professionals by providing adjunct therapies including Family Constellation work. Whether or not you already have a licensed therapist, I can help you begin the path of healing. Contact me anytime for an initial video consultation, and we’ll explore your healing journey together, choosing a collaborative path that works for you. – Nayaret

Nayaret Quezada-Salazar

Nayaret has been practicing multiple healing techniques since the 1990s, including Systemic Family Constellation work, Reike & Massage, Aromatherapy & Homeopathy, Akasha Records, Acupressure & Digitopuncture, Feng Shui, and more. Whatever the methodology required to support your healing, Nayaret’s goal is to reach the root of the problem or conflict, because to solve a condition, a trauma, a physical or mental illness, it is also fundamental to reach the origin of its creation.

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